Big News

Back to work tomorrow. Hopefully my back will be up to it, I am still getting pain when I do certain things like, picking things up off the floor or leaning forward over a sink.

Big news this week – my best friend had a baby! She was three weeks early and pretty tiny but healthy. Her name is Chloe, we are going to visit them next weekend.

I feel I should have achieved more with the time I had off work but most of the things I needed to do didn’t count as “resting my back”. I did get some stuff done though, here is an update:

  • Golden Demon – bought a resin plinth base for my LOTR figure and bought the Wood Elf figure I am going to paint for my other entry.
  • Depict Filming – bought some prop making materials and arranged a meeting with the crew next Sunday.
  • The Move – did some property searches and enquired about a couple.
  • Jobs – Not much luck finding part time work for me but some promising search results for Rich
  • House clearing – tried to sell an old scanner to Cash Converters yesterday, they wouldn’t take it. We couldn’t even give it away to a charity shop!! Still a lot of work to do with this. Today we are going to eBay some stuff.

One thing I have done this last couple of weeks is knitting. I finished off a blanket I have been working on since I was living at home with my parents some 6 or 7 years ago and have also started work on another blanket to give to my friends new baby.

Also, as promised, significantly improved gamer score on X-BOX 360! Half way trough Ghost Recon, played a lot of Halo 3 online, finished some more challenges in Peggle and started playing Fable 2. Busy busy!

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