I actually feel like I have some energy today! So I am going to put it to use rather than sitting here staring at the internet all day like I have done for the last two days.

First on the cards – shopping. And not the boring kind with supermarkets. I need miliput and a wing mirror (not for the same things luckily enough). The miliput is for constructing the bases of my Golden Demon entries, the wing mirror is for my car after my boyfriend had an unfortunate incident with the side of our garage.

After shopping there will be modelling and stuff and later possibly some writing.

Ooh, news! I have joined the online writers group on Kelley Armstrong’s forum. It’s very exciting. Basically the writers in the group post their work and critique each other. It’s a little daunting though. I am not exactly known to take criticism well so this will be a challenge for me.

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