Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation (with Jay Foreman)

I got to go out last night! I know this doesn’t sound like much, but money has been a bit tight and there have been a lot of nights in with the TV for me recently. So, what a lovely surprise it was a few days ago when my partner reminded me we had tickets for a show, which we had booked months ago and almost forgotten about.

Dave Gorman

We went to see Dave Gorman, a comedian we’ve seen before and have always found highly entertaining. If you don’t know who Dave Gorman is, he broke into mainstream entertainment with a stage show called Are you Dave Gorman? in which he travelled the globe meeting people with the same name as him. It later became a TV show.

Subsequent shows included his Googlewhack Adventure and The Important Astrology Experiment. More recently he produced a film called America Unchained where he travelled across the US seeking out local businesses to service his needs, avoiding all the chain stores and brands.

He has taken the humble slide show and developed it into a comic art form to the point that his current show is simply called Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation; he doesn’t even need to tell people the subject of his show to get bums on seats. He is supported on this tour by comedian and musician Jay Foreman.

Jay Foreman

Never heard of Jay Foreman? Neither had I. Indeed, my partner, Rich, leaned over and whispered “he’s Beardyman’s brother” in my ear, which I thought was a hilarious way for someone to be introduced (Beardyman, by the way is the UK beatboxing champion).

So, with absolutely no preconceptions, I sat and watched and listened and came away with at least two of his songs stuck in my head.

Jay’s musical comedy is all about getting you to laugh at things you shouldn’t and his set included such titles as “I’m Glad John Lennon Died”, “Little Japanese Baby” and “Chavs On The Moon.” (For any international readers, do you have chavs or are they just a British infestation?)

I highly recommend you check out some of his work on his YouTube channel.

Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation

For the main show, Dave Gorman stood in front of a huge back projected screen and basically talked about himself. Structured around his own vital statistics, he explored the relationship between his weight and getting married, his religion (or lack thereof) and his love of the internet.

The internet and more specifically Twitter formed a theme running through all of the segments and I think anyone who has ever spent an unhealthy amount of hours browsing and exploring the net would get his humour.

Two of the funniest moments in the show came from what Dave dubbed “found poems”. These he had compiled from the comments posted on the Daily Mail website in reaction to Jerry Seinfeld’s castigation of the Royal Wedding and the news that a French company will be making the flags for the London 2012 Olympics. I have to agree, reading the comments posted on newspaper sites can be an educational experience!

Although a lot of his humour is probably funnier if you are familiar with the British context, much of it is universal. For example, I’m sure asparagus does unpleasant things to people’s urine regardless of country.

Dave Gorman will be touring the country throughout the rest of October and November, so if he’s visiting a city near you I recommend you grab the opportunity to see him live. You’ll never look at Powerpoint as a boring business tool ever again.


Check out this interview with Dave Gorman at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival earlier this year:


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  1. Thanks for this Chrissey, I’ve kept up with Dave through his TV sessions as well as interviews and he has given me a good few chuckles. Could well be worth a night out will have to see if I’ve got anyone available to go with.

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