Fluffy Cloud

So, after two days back at work my back is seriously hurting again. I went back to the doctors today to see if they could refer me to a physiotherapist… apparently they can’t, not until they have tried other options, other options meaning more drugs. You know, why try exercises before you try adictive painkillers?! So I am now taking:

  • Dicloflex (aka Diclofenac Sodium) – anti inflamatory painkillers that can make you drowsy
  • Robaxin (aka Methocabamol) – muscle relaxants that make you very drowsy
  • Solpadol (aka Co-codamol or  codine and paracetamol) – Strong painkillers that can make you drowsy

Do you see the pattern? So I took the diclofenac at 8am, the Robaxin at 10m and the co-codamol at 11am. At 12pm Ri ch had to come and get me from work as I was high as a kite!! Got home and fell asleep for 3 hours.

I think I may take only half a dose of the co-codamol next time, hopefully my body will get used to it soon and I’ll stop feeling like a fluffy little cloud. The good news is it does stop my back hurting as much, or perhaps it just makes me care less.

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