I think there might be something wrong with me, I am not normally a morning person but I have been waking up at 6:30 every morning this week eager to jump up and carry on writing my novella. The bad part is I am staying up late doing the same!!

Finished the first, very rough draft (I think I might possibly have created the perfect guy in my character Tom).  I’m feeling good about this project, its the first time that I have followed something like this through to a stage anywhere near completion.

I’m already considering what to do with it. I am thinking self publishing through download and coupled with posting the chapters online at intervals. That way people can read it online and only pay for it if they like it. To this end I am going to set up a second blog in anticipation.

On another note I picked up a games day ticket today so I am committed to doing Golden Demon this year. I met a guy at Games Workshop who seemed eager to compare notes so I thought I might go there on Thursday.

All in all I’m enjoying this whole freedom thing. I’m only vaguely looking forward to my placement in June.

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