One Lovely Blog… seriously? Me?

I seem to have been given this:

One lovely blog award

I’m not sure how I feel about it. I mean, it’s pink. Does this look like a pink place to you?

Well, since my lovely friend Dianne decided my moody grey blog needed something pink, I supposed I’d better accept it and then inflict it on someone else.

So, here I go with seven interesting things about me, none of which are particularly pink:



Steampunk warrior girl - A woman with tatooed arms holds a sword in one nand and a pistol in the other

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1. I secretly wish I could be a fantasy warrior or a steampunk superhero.

This why I like archery and old guns and have a bit of a thing for guys who do fencing and martial arts. It is a dream I intend to realise within my lifetime.

2. I sometimes have to fight the urge to pet my goldfish.

Despite the fact that they are fish, I find them adorable and cute. I had a dream once where they could swim around the room and this was before the Dr Who episode with the fish which flew around in the fog.

3. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Supernanny.

I don’t have kids, but somehow I feel qualified to pass judgement on crappy parents on the TV. I figure if I watch enough episodes, when/if I do have kids, I will be an excellent parent.

4. I have decided that if I get married I want to have a pirate themed wedding on the S.S. Great Britain.

My boyfriend wants Tim Minchin’s “You grew on me” for our first dance. One day we want a three story house with a pool and a flume and an arcade with a ball pit in the basement. Oh, and exactly three cats, because over three makes you a cat lady, less than three… well you’re not really trying, are you? Given that we are not engaged we may have missed a step somewhere.


5. I’m an agnostic, or an atheist, one of the two.

My personal motto with regards to faith is “I don’t do religion, I have faith in people.” It is a stance I reached through:

a) some personal experiences with Christians who believe that the relationship between Christianity and being a good person is both co-dependant and absolute (Before you say “But…” yes, I know this is not the majority view)

b) an archaeologist’s perspective on the concept of ritual and religion in societies

c) the fact that hard core creationists make me laugh so hard I risk wetting myself

Special effects for Terror of the Killer Carnivorous Coat - Chrissey uses a paintbrush to add liquid latex to the actors neck

On the set of "Terror of the Killer Carnivourous Coat," Chrissey applies a knitting needle stab wound prosthetic to actor Nathan Head's neck.

6. At least 10 different people have let me stick stuff to them and/or cover them in blood and slime

Doing special effects for the Great Escape is about the most fun I have ever had. It can get very messy. In the film Threefold, the final effect resulted in a red stain on my friend Mark’s parents’ living room floor. It, along with the one on my friend Felek’s wall, is still there.


7. My alter-ego, CM Owens’ first name is Carrie

The M stands for Maureen, but I’m not supposed to tell anyone that! I chose this pen name because Scarlet Knight was already taken, a fact which deeply disappointed my boyfriend. My.  Her. Our first erotica story was written about a real life friend of mine, but I’m not going to tell you who.

I will be passing this award on to award on to a couple of people I have connected with through blogging, twitter and sharing work:

T James – Whose blog always makes me smile and who very kindly asked to borrow one of my posts from The Great Escape for a piece he is writing

Emma Cunningham – Because she takes her blogging far more seriously than many people I know and has had loads of great advice on promotion and networking.

There would have been a nomination for:

Heidi Hovis – Who distils excellent words of wisdom into 500 word chunks on her blog and provided one of our first guest fiction pieces over on The Great Escape.

… but someone beat me to it!

Lastly a shout out to my fellow nominee for this week:

Marianne – Another fellow writer who jumped into blogging with both feet and got totally stuck in less than a month ago.

13 Replies to “One Lovely Blog… seriously? Me?”

    1. Thanks, I try! I would rather end up shivering in a hovel in my old age with a lifetime of experiences under my belt than in a fancy home with nothing but a pile of money.

  1. If I win the lottery I am SO getting you to design my house 🙂

    I love reading blogs by creative, interesting, and nicely bonkers people. Suffice to say I enjoyed this one a lot ;).

  2. Great post, thanks for the nomination too. It made me think of what I picture myself as in my head… now I’ll have to think since there have been so many versions of me over the years… Thanks for letting us into your head!

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