So things on the writers forum have been going well. I’ve had loads of really helpful comments on my first chapter and I’m already noticing myself correcting mistakes as I write. The re-write is now up to chapter 9 and up to 50k words from 36k words. Looks like my novella may be growing up into a novel after all. Awesome!

I have however decided that I need to learn a whole lot about grammar and punctuation. Writing academic papers seems to only favour a certain type of writing style which is not applicable to fiction writing. Fiction writing seems to be full of all these extra rules and things that I haven’t needed to know until now. Therefore I bought a copy of the Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation.

Golden Demon – yeah… I will get round to doing that… I will.

I am aware that I am procrastinating on an epic scale regarding work I should be doing for university. This I can deal with, but the fact that I am also procrastinating regarding the things I am doing to procrastinate is very worrying.

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