Scribbles blog hop & give away

All of the bloggers taking part in this blog hop event will be posting pictures of their journals, and talking a little about how journals, and paper in general, play a role in their writing practice.

My lifelong relationship with stationery

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A sheet of loose leaf paper with writing, in a binder

My oldest notes c.1996/7

As soon as I got a computer of my own as teenager, I started using that to write my prose. Writing my drafts on paper seemed like adding an unnecessary step; it would have to make it into the computer eventually. Given that I couldn’t type without looking at the keyboard, copy typing from a hand written manuscript would have taken many long, boring hours… per page!

Now I can type while looking at the screen and my typing speed is not much slower than the speed I can write by hand. It’s certainly fast enough to keep up with my brain.

An open notebook showing hand written text

My notebook for my WIP

For me, paper is a planning tool, a tool for exploring ideas. I like to take advantage of the fact I can write and draw on it in any way I like.

Notebooks are a great way of making sure all your notes stay together but I used a lot of loose paper sheets for jotting down ideas.

I do most of my actual writing on my laptop, but paper often comes back into the mix during the rewite and editing phase.

A printed page in a ring binder showing hand written annotations

Editing a short story

Post-it notes are a great invention. When I was struggling to work out a plot hole and pacing issue in my draft novel, Hidden Talent, I wrote each scene down on a post-it note and tried them in different orders stuck to my coffee table. It also turned out to be a great way to explain my dilema to my partner so I could bounce ideas off him and talk it through.

An ink sketch on lined paper of a tree beside a path. A bird sits on top of a way marker.

One of my doodles

I can’t imagine being able to work completely without paper. Even with programs like Scrivener and Photoshop to expand the functionality of my computer beyond simple word processing, there is something uncomplicated about paper, a freedom of expression.

I turn to paper when I am out of my comfort zone, when I need to seriously wrestle with a problem.

A stack of various size and style notebooks

Notebooks everywhere

Somehow the act of drawing the pen across the page adds gravity and momentum to my thoughts. It is as though words written on paper have more weight than strings of characters on a hard drive. After all, as writers, we all want the ultimate destination of our words to be the paper of printed book.

What is your relationship with paper like? Do you find you use paper for certain parts of the writing process more than others? Has anyone found they have been able to move completely away from the pen? I hope you’ll share your views in a comment.

Give Away Time!

Spiral bound, A5 notebook with a close up photograph of cheese puffs cover, with a striped pencil

Give away prizes - click to enlarge

Hi, my name is Chrissey and I have a stationery addiction. Some girls like buying shoes, I like buying pens, folders, notebooks, stickers and all things stationery.

In celebration of my first blog hop, I’m going to do a little stationery give away comprising a funky cheese puff notebook and a pencil. Leave a comment and follow me, either here or on twitter @arcadestarlet and I’ll draw a winner next Friday.

Remember, if you win the give away, you must be willing and able to provide a suitable postal address. If you wish to opt out while still posting a comment, please include “not entering” in your comment.

Ready, set, HOP

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16 Replies to “Scribbles blog hop & give away”

  1. You have a jelly bean notebook, don’t you? So do I 🙂

    I might not have a fetish for them but that one just grabbed me. Usually I’ll cover my plain notebooks in stickers from Metal mags I buy for myself and my eldest son. There’s been some bloomin’ gorgeous Iron Maiden ones doing the freebie rounds, so I have some *very* Eddie-tastic notebooks.

    Have to say, your notes look VERY organised.

  2. Friends give me note books and journals. Some look too good to use. I like the flat black notebooks that fit in my purse and have secure pages. I wish I could remember who makes them. MY handwriting has not improved over the years and I use the computer more often than the pen. But, if I have a poem in mind, I always write it by hand.


  3. Valentine’s day in your house…

    “Here you are my Darling, I bought you a bunch of… pens, notepads, post-its, pencils…”

    Your partner must like your addiction, it makes you easy to buy for, and what he buys you will get used up quickly so he can buy you the same present next year! I think the expression is ‘Low-maintenance’. 😉

    What’s most important is your relationship with the ‘Old-Skool’ methods of writing increases your creativity and productivity, and therefore you can justify any amount you spend! 🙂

    The only reasons I still use paper are it boots up instantly; doesn’t suffer from software crashes; and character entry is flexible – words are either readable or not, never substituted because the paper thinks you meant something different. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve nearly wished people, “Good Mormon” on Twitter…

    When tech. is as easy to use as paper I don’t think I’ll look back… until then it still does things all my electronics cannot.

    Not entering. Leaving the prize for the addicts… 😉

  4. Oh yes, Chrissey: post-its! Such a great invention to keep our bubbling minds organised. Have you ever tried those big index cards ones? They’re perfect to fit in new scenes.

    GORGEOUS drawing, btw:)

    Happy Scribbles Blog Hop!!

  5. Loved your drawing, an artist! 🙂 It’s a funny thing, the older I get the more I appreciate paper and ink. Like an old friend when you go back through journals. Computers just don’t ‘show’ us the stuff on the inside of people quiet as well.

  6. I type faster than I write, so for me writing by hand is a chance to slow down and focus on a small problem at a time, or to jot notes while I’m AFK. And sometimes it’s just plain fun to write by hand. I love seeing my thoughts on actual paper… even if my handwriting is pretty bad.


  7. I love browsing the stationary & notebook section at B & N or Staples. When in Chicago once, I went to the Crane store downtown – a writer’s heaven! Beautiful paper, notebooks, pens… amazing. Great post!

  8. (not entering) I’m happy with my Moleskine!

    Gawd, that’s a beautiful doodle. All my life, I’ve wished i could draw like that. My dad & my brother have it, so does my son, but me? Meh.

    I can type a lot faster than I write, but sometimes even that’s not fast enough. For me, paper means portability. Oh, have you seen those 4×6 ruled Post-It notes? Freekin’ awesome, especially when you need to do something more than flagging a typo or fixing a phrase.

  9. not entering.

    I carry a note pad and pen in my pocket at all times, to write down thoughts and ideas. I have never kept a journal or written other than on the computer. I am a terrible speller and my hand writing is more like hen scratch. Much easier for me to use spell check and a printer. 😉

    I do like the idea of using post it notes, thanks for the suggestion.

    I like your art work, can’t call it a doodle. You are a lady of many talents.

    I always enjoy your blog posts and look forward to the next one, every Friday.

  10. I completely agree – paper always seems so much more practicable when trying to work out a problem, or to play around with the order of things. I’m loving Scrivener and it’s corkboard but it still looses something in the translation, something that I don’t think technology will ever be able to replicate.

    Whenever I come to edit something, I’ll always print it out then get a pencil and start editing. It just isn’t the same on screen, or at least my brain doesn’t seem to work in the same way if I try to do it all digitally.

  11. Thanks for all the great comments guys. I’m away for the weekend and will be hopping around the rest of the blog hop on Monday. In the mean time, a reminder that if you want to join in the giveaway you have to either follow me on WordPress or Twitter as well as posting a comment. Otherwise I may not be able to contact you.

  12. “Somehow the act of drawing the pen across the page adds gravity and momentum to my thoughts. It is as though words written on paper have more weight than strings of characters on a hard drive. ” <— This sums up exactly how I feel about writing longhand. For novels I use it only for planning or trouble scenes, but it's my favorite way to write.

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