I used to keep a diary when I was younger. I had the same problem with that, I’d write lots of entries in a short space of time and then nothing for months. Feeling a bit sheepish now.

So an update first:

Moving to Cardiff – was a pain. It turns out we have a lot of stuff and it was both stressful and expensive. We’re still not fully unpacked nearly a year later! That was partly why I stopped posting last July. Then Uni started and I pretty much lost track of everything…

Uni – Haven’t posted since before I started my course and now I’ve just finished the first year. Sorry. I shall summarise by saying that it was something of a black hole sucking time and energy from me and leaving me a stressed ball of nerves most of the time. Partly the reason I haven’t been keeping up with the world is because it tends to remind me of what I should be doing, i.e. work!

Golden Demon – got the entry done and submitted it on the day. Got through to the final round which was awesome. I am thinking about trying again this year but I haven’t had time to work on a new entry yet. I’ll have to see how it goes.

Film Making – another thing in my life that has been completely neglected. Finishing Killer Coat got a bit delayed when the director/producer had a baby. There is still a lot of work to do on the sound and post production effects. We didn’t get Yarn done for DePict in the end but we did submit a different short. The plan is to shoot Yarn this summer to submit for this year’s competition.

So that updates you on everything that was going on before.

I have something else I want to share now. I have been working on a novel for the past year, its still very much in the planning stage although I hope to have a lot more done over the summer. I’m being very methodical, writing out character profiles, timelines etc working up to a full bullet point outline. But thats not the exciting thing. I had an adea for another story and decided to try an alternative approach. I just started typing. That was Tuesday morning. Over Tuesday and Wednesday I spewed out 16,000 words!! They’re not very good words at the moment but the more I write the more I am understanding which parts work, which don’t, which need expanding etc. The plan now is to develope it into a 25,000 to 30,000 word novella, and I’m thinking I will publish it online, possibly in installments.

So, I have four months till I start back at uni and at least four different projects to be getting on with. Feeling very excited to be me 🙂

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