The Great Escape Interviews The Ink Babes

This week over on The Great Escape, I’m interviewing The Ink Babes. Three authors who’ve decided to try their hand at publishing by putting together an anthology of dark fiction; Bleeding Ink.

Here’s a snippet from the interview:

CH: Bleeding Ink is a collection of dark, twisted tales. What made you choose this style and genre for the anthology?

IB: That’s easy, we’re all dark and twisted!

For starters we each write supernatural fiction, it’s what drew us together in the first place. Well that, and belonging to the same online writing forum, and our undying love for all things Kelley Armstrong. This genre was a natural fit.

CH: You accept submissions of short stories, flash fiction, micro-fiction and poetry. What made you choose to put such diverse formats together into one volume?

IB: The goal was to create something that would break up the pace of the anthology. In other words, we didn’t want all long stories, or short stories, but wanted to give readers a variety. We also wanted to give writers a venue to display their talent; some tell a story over tea, some tell a story in a blink. This anthology gives all their skills equal time to shine.

To read the full interview, including more details on how to submit work to the anthology, check out An Interview with the Ink Babes.

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