Time flies

Time flies, especially when you have things you need to do clashing with things you want to do. I need to be doing dissertation research. I want to be planning and filming a short film and getting ready for Golden Demon this year. What I find I am actually doing is writing a novel. Go figure.

So,… Hidden Talent is in first draft format now. I will be updating the Hidden Talent blog shortly to feature some blurb. ETA on completion is TBC (Acronyms can be abused people!). The more exciting news is that I am most of the way through a rough draft of the sequal which will be a full length novel. ETA on that is,… a long way away so don’t even ask!

So that’s an update for now. Will keep you posted as there are lots of exciting things coming up. Mostly the same things I was planning this time a year ago actually. I need less hobbies!

Also I will try to get a photo of last year’s Golden Demon entry once I can get access to an SLR with a macro lense.

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