About Chrissey

Chrissey with her Cannon EOS 550d

Hello, I’m Chrissey and I’m an author. My first novel is nearing completion in 2017, but in the meantime you can check out my published short stories and novellette The Star Coin Prophecy.

I’m a science geek, gamer, fan of sci-fi and fantasy, and wearer of many hats. Metaphorical hats, that is, not so much real hats. I have my writer hat, my day job hat, my crafter hat and my film maker hat, the latter of which I wear when producing movies with my amazing colleagues over at The Great Escape.

I live in Clevedon in a creaky old Victorian terrace with my partner and my 16 year-old goldfish Hope and Ambition. You can follow my fish on Twitter if you like (@AquariumDays). One day I will own a cat… one day.