MIME – Release date 28th June 2020

Mockup image of the book Mime - paperback and tablet

There’s a supernatural serial killer on the loose…

Elliot Cross didn’t believe in monsters. At least, not until his brother died at the hands of something unnatural.

Four years later and a string of impossible deaths leave the police baffled. Consumed by a desire to shine a journalistic light on the supernatural world, Elliot sees a chance to make a difference. Enlisting the help of his (only) employee, Samantha, he quickly identifies the culprit – a demonic mime artist whose invisible creations are fatally real. 

Way out of his depth, Elliot’s only hope is renowned demon hunter Gabriel Cushing. But tracking down Gabriel is only the beginning… The search for a way to end the demon forever will take Elliot and Sam across the country, uncovering lost history, buried secrets, and a few new truths about themselves.

My first novel, Mime will be out later this year. Book one in the Weird News series it follows Elliot Cross, editor and journalist, and his colleague Samantha McBride as they delve into a dark world of demons and magic.

Publisher: Matador
ISBN: 9781838593605
Format: UK B Trade Paperback

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