Forgotten Sidekicks

RELEASE DATE – April 2nd 2020

We all know what happens when the hero saves the day, but what about their sidekicks?

Too often the hero is held high and celebrated whilst their sidekicks and comrades are brushed to the side; their own battles forgotten, and their actions airbrushed to nothingness from the tales of victory.

These are the stories of the ones who aren’t remembered; the ones who helped save the day, and got cast aside; the ones who don’t want the applause, and the ones who deserved the applause and never received it.

These stories didn’t make the headlines – but they happened, and they’re glorious.

Chrissey’s Story Henchman follows ex army security guard Jack Canning on the worst night of his new job working at Dante Industrial. Is he… is he one of the bad guys?

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