Age of Savagery

The world of Genodd is a placed filled with mystery. The Eldar races have gone, leaving behind feuding barbarian tribes. Loosely affiliated into clans, they wander a world filled with Monuments – remnants of a time gone by. A place where Magic – if it ever existed – is lost.

Based on an original concept by David Powell (New Wasteland Fairy Tales, Shock Value Green), this is a collection of 10 stories told over 80 pages of comics and prose pieces. Over 20 creators have work featured including Josh Somerville, Chrissey Harrison (The Star Coin Prophecy), Dave Charlton-Whitaker, AtlantisVampir (Mandy and the Book of Monsters, Reverend Cross) and many more!

Chrissey’s story, D’Haru’s Trial, follows a young warrior of the Bat Clan as he encounters a war party from the neighbouring Rhino Clan, who invade his Clan’s territory and defile a sacred monument. Far from his tribe, D’Haru must deal with the invaders alone.