Studying Writing – why I think authors should never stop

As writers, it’s easy to slip into being isolated. To working within your own little bubble. Attending classes and seminars are a great way to remind yourself you’re part of a huge community and there is always something new to learn, new ways to explore writing.

For instance, next week I’m going to an evening class all about creative writing as therapy for health care workers dealing with death.

I’ve never been a health care worker and had to deal with the death of a patience. But at some point I may want to write a character who is… what an amazing opportunity to gain perspective on something outside your experience.

Next month I’m starting a seven week course at the Royal West of England Academy of Arts where we’ll be encouraged to draw inspiration from art exhibits. This will really challenge me to work outside of my comfort zone and explore writing in a reactionary way.

There’s so many amazing opportunities out there if you look.

See what you can discover:

UK writing events on Eventbrite

Workers’ Educational Association – Courses

Guardian Masterclasses

Preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo (13 days to go)

Pumping up NapoleonPart of my Camp NaNo goal will be to draft three short stories 2000+ words. I added this to my main goal (50hrs of revision time) because I wanted the option to take a break from editing and relax creating something new.

Today’s exercise, in the run up to the start of Camp, is some last minute studying on short stories. This Saturday I’m attending a workshop entitled “The Art of the Short Story” and have some reading to do in preparation. On the assignment sheet are:

  •  Bliss by Katherine Mansfield
  • Tell me who to Kill  by Ian Rankin
  • The Redheaded League by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Pumping up Napoleon  by Maria Donovan

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