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Ideas are not something I usually struggle with, but sometimes I like to challenge myself to write something based on a prompt purely because it wasn’t my idea. I’ve found in the past that some of the stories I have created through trying to find a story within a prompt are the ones I’ve been most pleased with.

Some places where you can find prompts

Creative Writing Prompts – a huge number of diverse prompts for both fiction and creative non-fiction. They won’t all be to everyone’s taste, but if you browse through you’re sure to find something to inspire you.

Easily Mused – This site does a series of six word prompt challenges which they call “Six for Sunday”.

Daily Writing Tips: Writing Prompts 101 – a good article about the benefits of writing from prompts, 20 prompts to get you started and a bunch of links to other sites.

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Daily Photo Prompt – a blog which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Where have you found inspiring writing prompts? Share your links in the comments.

5 prompts to try

Let me know if you use any of these, I’d love to see what you do with them.

  1. 5 word prompt – Bus, paper, fly, yellow, polish
  2. Opening line – Half the sticker was missing…
  3. Concept – A character returns to a childhood haunt
  4. Character – A store assistant at a greetings card shop
  5. Dialogue line – “What do you mean nearly missed?”

4 Replies to “Creative Writing Promps”

  1. An interesting idea, Chrissey. Following writing prompts can take creativity in intriguing new directions. Looking after a medieval guy… you could expand this into something longer.

    1. I am considering it. It will certainly go in my box of ideas for another time.

      I find the hardest thing with flash fiction is to write a short piece which is a complete story. This one was more of an exercise to demonstrate what you could do with a prompt and so even thought I could see it was open ended, I wanted to share it in that form. I think I spent about an hour and a half on it; a quick draft and a brief edit.

    1. Hi Marianne. I often find following a prompt (and free writing exercises) will lead me off my beaten track, which is a good thing for developing as a writer in general. Glad you liked the title. When I randomly picked the number 43 it didn’t even occur to me that it rhymed.

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