Microfiction: Discovering Elvis

First Potatoes from the Allotment

Image courtesy of Simon Howden

Mr Aberforth pulled the potato from the ground and brushed off the dirt. He threw it into the bucket with the others, but, as it flew through the air, something about it caught his eye.

A strange surge of excitement set his stomach fluttering. He wiped his palms on his jeans and carefully recovered the spud. He turned it over, gingerly.

The way it tapered to a point, like a chin. Eyes which suggested, well, eyes. And, that darker blemish, there, like a mouth. But, most distinctive, the way that top bit stuck up, with a suggestion of a curl.

The face of Elvis Presley stared out at Mr Aberforth from the potato.

He cradled it to him and glanced furtively around the allotment to see if anyone had noticed. Everyone was busy with their own veg. He quickly bundled his tools into his tiny shed and wrapped the celebrity vegetable in a plastic bag.

There wasn’t a moment to lose. He had to show the world!

Mr Aberforth’s Elvis potato makes a guest appearance in the novel I am currently working on, called “Mime”. I felt the moment of discovery deserved it’s own story.

Have you ever found a vegetable that looked like something else?

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